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  • 500 Poker Chip Tray Barcode Poker Lens
  • 500 Poker Chip Tray Barcode Poker Lens
  • 500 Poker Chip Tray Barcode Poker Lens
  • 500 Poker Chip Tray Barcode Poker Lens
  • 500 Poker Chip Tray Poker Card Scanner

    Product Information

    1. It is an HD(high definition) poker card scanner

    2. The scanning distance between barcode marked cards poker and poker chip dealer tray poker card scanner can be 5-10 cm, 8-15 cm, 15-25 cm.

    3. This poker cheat card scanner could work continuously as long as 6-7 hours.

    Chip tray is very common on the poker table, there are several different types of chip tray, now we will introduce you the 500 pc poker chip dealer chip tray, our chip tray is special chip tray, we install a hidden scanning camera in it, so it can use to scan the invisible barcode marked playing cards, but our the 500 poker chip dealer tray poker card scanner has no any difference from the regular poker chip tray, so it is very safe and secret, you needn't afraid others will detect it.

    This 500 poker chip dealer tray barcode marked cards poker card scanner is 10 row thick durable black poker chip tray, which is suitable for most any table game. This molded poker scanner chip tray is the finest on the market and holds up to 50 professional size chips in each of the 10 rows for a maximum of 500 chips. This chip tray scanning camera will work great built in to the table or as a stand-alone chip holder.

    The chip tray poker cheat card scanner is very convenient and easy to use, the dealer just need put the chip tray poker scanner on the table, it will scan the barcode invisible ink marked cards automatically, then transfer the information to the poker analyzer, and it can work with any types of poker analyzers.


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