Cheating Playing Cards

Cheating playing cards are essential poker cheating device for some poker players at different game as they can improve winning probability in advance. Those cards are marked with invisible ink kit according to the "Spectral effect", so we need special tools to help us read it. And the difference between normal playing cards and poker cheat cards are impossible recognized in appearance after marking.

To some extent, cheating playing cards can be divided into contact lenses marked cards and barcode marked cards due to the different working principle. Therefore, what kind of devices can be used to read those cheating poker? Normally, we offering infrared contact lenses and scanning system to meet your requirement. How can we make they work together to play a trick? Please read this article carefully!

How to cheat in poker with contact lenses?

Back cheating playing cards can't be detected by naked eyes. They need to cooperate with infrared contact lenses. How the lenses can help players win in poker gambling?

Contact lenses poker cheat cards are printed some marks by invisible ink. In poker gambling, players can make a better decision if they can know the cards in advance. This decision may help them be the winner.

Take Blackjack as an example. Blackjack is an unpredictable gambling game because you can't predict how many cards your opponents will take in order to make a blackjack. There is no fixed formula to calculate the possible winner so poker analyzer can't work. At this time, back luminous marked decks are helpful.

Before playing Blackjack, you need to prepare a pair of specialized contact lenses and a deck of cheating playing cards. When dealer finishes shuffling and dealing, each player has 2 cards, face up, in front of them, but the dealer has one card face up and one face down. With invisible ink contact lenses, you can know the dealer 'card and the next card on the blackjack shoe even if these cards are face-down. You can make the best decision according to the cards that you see.

If dealer's total hand is better than yours, you have better to "hit" (get more cards). But if you see the next card which will make your cards "bust" (go over 21), "surrender" is your good choice . Marked cheating playing cards with infrared contact lenses can help you avoid losing much money. With it, you can take full control of this gambling game.

How to cheat in poker with scanning system?

A poker cheat scanning system includes a poker analyzer, a scanning camera, a deck of barcode cheating playing cards and a spy headset. A set of poker scanning system will help you a lot in Texas Holdem, Omaha game and blackjack.

The most important part of the poker scanning system is the barcode cheating playing cards. What makes the whole thing work is the use of a special deck in which the four edges of each card are marked with IR-absorbing ink. After marking, the cards will be repackaged with sealing and plastic wrap. This can reduce the suspicion of other players because the cards can be opened in front of their eyes.

Poker analyzer is a device that could tell you about the odds that you are going to get in your poker game. This is a cheating device that could help in winning the game. The analyzer will exceed your expectation that it is a fully functional phone(you can make phone calls and run all the apps you love) with extra hardware dedicated to cheat. Using a modified phone as a cheating device offers the key advantage that it is impossible to tell that it is a cheating device unless you know what to look for.

There are two types of scanning camera, one is the internal camera inside the poker analyzer, the other is the external camera that hidden in an object, such as the car key, power bank, and wallet, etc. This poker camera is to read the barcode markings remotely to infer a card's suit and value. Its job is to scan the cheating playing cards and send the image to the poker analyzer.

This type of cheating playing cards and poker analyzer are the high-end poker cheating devices. It's real and highly efficient.

How to distinguish the best cheating playing cards?

How to distinguish a marked deck of cheating playing cards is a question to many players or marked cards users. It's wise to buy always the best quality cheating cards at a reasonable price, neither the cheapest one nor the most expensive one. Usually, we can choose the poker cheat cards from the following two points.

First of all, the marked cards must be an original-look deck of playing cards so that it can use for cheating with high safety. For a poor deck of cheating cards, you might see some color difference on the back, for example, the blue deck has much darker blue back than others, and some small dirty spots of dust or ink on the face or on the back and so on. For a good quality deck of cheating cards, you can't see any dirty points at all.

What's more, the cheating playing cards must have professional luminous ink marks for easy cheating with invisible ink contact lenses. For the invisible marks, on one hand, it must be clear enough for infrared contact lenses to see, on the other hand, it can't be too dark marks or people might see some difference with naked eyes.

Choosing the right poker cheat cards for games

On the basis of different playing rules, choosing the suitable poker cheat cards for game is of great importance.

For Texas Holdem and Omaha, choosing the barcode marked cards for poker analyzing system. Via this system, you are able to know each poker card with suit and number, the best poker hand, the best second hand and other result accurately and quickly. Thus you can be always at the advantageous situation.

As for Blackjack, to win this game is to reach a final score higher than the dealer without exceeding 21 or let the dealer draw additional cards until their hand exceeds 21. So contact lenses marked card would be good for you. Because you can keep your cards never exceeds 21(busted).

Of course, there are still many games, you can share more details with me about the game you play, then we are capable of choosing best and most suitable cheating playing cards for you.