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  • Texas Omaha Poker Scanning System
  • Texas Omaha Poker Scanning System
  • Texas Omaha Poker Scanning System
  • Texas Omaha Poker Scanning System
  • Texas and Omaha Scanning System

    Product Information


    1. a poker analyzer

    2. a scanner camera

    3. barcode marked cards

    4. mini spy earphone

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    Texas Hold'em and Omaha games are the most popular poker games in the world, it is very common things in the poker games to win or lose money, so how do you increase the winning chance in the Texas and Omaha poker games? The scanning system is the good tool for your Texas and Omaha games, which can tell you the winners directly.

    One of the best scanning systems at the moment to play Texas and Omaha-select themselves, operated by one person, you don't need the help of a computer or a partner, it is very convenient and easy to operate.

    The Texas and Omaha scanning system kit includes:
    1. A poker analyzer
    2. Barcode marked playing cards
    3. A mini spy earpiece

    The poker analyzer is a cell phone, and it has the function of real cell phone, you can use it to make call, send message, listen music and so on. We also call the poker analyzer as poker winner predictor, because the poker analyzer can tell you the winners directly.
    How they work?

    When you play Texas or Omaha games, you just need put the poker analyzer on the table, the special video camera in the poker analyzer will read in full deck before distribution and the poker analyzer will tell you result very quickly and correctly, you can hear the result by mini spy earpiece, which is almost impossible to detect.


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