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  • LD I6 Poker Analyzer
  • LD I6 Poker Analyzer
  • LD I6 Poker Analyzer
  • LD I6 Poker Analyzer
  • LD I6 Marked Cards Scanner Poker Analyzer

    Product Information


    1. 1 remote controller

    2. 2 batteries

    3. 1 charger

    Color: Black, White

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    Whatsapp: +86 188 2517 5787

    LD I6 marked cards scanner poker analyzer is the latest and newest LD poker analyzer, it looks like a iphone 6 cell phone, and it also is a real cell phone, you can use it to make call, send message, take pictures and other function.

    Comparing with K3, K4, CVK 300, CVK 400 and CVK 500 poker analyzers, the biggest advantage of LD I6 poker analyzer is that it can be set up 5 games, that equals to buy 2 poker analyzer in the past, it is not only can save the money but also can get more games.

    LD I6 marked cards scanner poker analyzer has a built-in camera to scan the sides invisible ink marked cards, and its scanning distance is about 20-40 cm. It also can be used time-mode to see the result of the games, so you can put this LD I6 poker predictor on the table to scan invisible marked playing cards.

    The whole set of LD I6 poker analyzer system includes:
    1. A LD I6 poker analyzer
    2. Sides marked cards
    3. Mini earpiece or one to one spy earpiece


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    • Name: lee raymond hall2020-11-20 01:29:48

    • Content:  hello what is the price for the induction dice and shipping costs to the uk? many thanks lee.
    • Reply: 
    • Name: Richard Mechelke2020-11-09 09:06:41

    • Content: I like to buy this please
    • Reply: Hello friend, i have sent you an e-mail about our products, please check and reply. Thank you!

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