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  • Fournier NO.12 Luminous Ink Marked Cards
  • Fournier NO.12 Luminous Ink Marked Cards
  • Fournier NO.12 Luminous Ink Marked Cards
  • Fournier NO.12 Luminous Ink Marked Cards
  • Fournier NO.12 50 Cards Infrared Ink Marked Cards

    Product Information

    Decks: 1

    Size: Bridge Size

    Colors: Red, Blue

    Material: Paper

    Container: Tuck box

    Fournier is a Spanish card manufacturer that needs no introduction. The quality of Fournier cards is always perfect, as every detail of the deck of cards is created by master craftsmen and skilled artists in printing techniques. Today Fournier is synonymous not only to quality, but also to safety and durability.

    The Fournier No.12 50 cards are made of paper material, these are small indexed and the card size is 61*95 mm.

    The deck usually contains 50 cards. There is a certifying guarantee card, as well.

    The back designs of the Fournier NO.12 50 cards are in two different color patterns, red and blue. The two colored of cards both can be marked for contact lenses marked cards, IR ink marked cards and barcode marked cards. The different type of infrared ink marked cards, which need different infrared ink reader to read. The UV marked cards can be read by invisible ink contact lenses or UV sunglasses. The IR ink marked cards for spy camera lens to see. The barcode marked cards can be scanned by all types of poker scanning cameras.



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