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Marked Cards

Marked Cards For Sale

The multifarious and best quality marked cards for sale at great prices:

Copag 1546 marked playing cards with glasses, 100% plastic Modiano Texas Holdem infrared contact lenses poker, Fournier barcode marked cards for poker analyzer, bicycle ultimate marked deck, Dal Negro Torcello cheating poker cards.

As a poker player, having these products can make your games smoother and more fun. And like a magician, you can control your game and win over your strong competitors.

The high quality marked cards make your feel more, at ease during the game, you have 100% guarantee to buy marked cards at our store.

Invisible Ink Marked Cards

Invisible ink marked cards are the poker cards with the invisible marks.
We mainly have 3 types of invisible ink marked cards:

(1) UV marked cards for UV contact lenses or UV glasses

This type of marked cards also called contact lenses marked cards, which can be read by UV contact lenses or UV glasses.

(2) Barcode marked cards

Barcode marked cards are printed the bar code on the 4 edges of cards, which need work with poker analyzer, poker scanner and mini earpiece. Any brand of cards can be marked for barcode marked cards, and have very good effect.

(3) IR marked cards

IR marked cards are different from UV marked cards and barcode marked cards, they are marked with different invisible ink. IR marked cards can't be seen by invisible ink contact lenses and invisible ink glasses, also can't be seen by poker scanner, which only can be seen by Spy IR camera.

We have many brands of invisible ink marked cards for you to choose from: Copag, Modiano, Fournier, Bicycle, Bee, Aviator, Kem, Dal Negro, Lion, Royal, Bonus and so on. According to the different poker games, you can choose the different types of invisible ink marked cards. The marked cards and invisible ink contact lenses are the easiest products. The barcode marked cards working with poker analyzer are suitable for the players who play several different poker games. If you own your place to play poker games, the IR marked cards with infrared camera is very safe for you to use.

Besides, if you need any special requirement or want to customize the unique invisible marks, just tell us, we can do as your requirement to customize marks.

Luminous marked cards

Luminous marked cards is one of the marked cards. The marks of luminous marked cards are luminescent, because of this reason, there are many our customers who prefer the luminous marked cards than other type of marked cards.

If you haven't used luminous marked cards, can you imagine what it look like? Glow sticks are commonly used things, most people have seen them. If you have seen the light from the glow sticks, then you can imagine luminous marked cards, because the invisible marks of the luminous marked cards are like the light from the glow stick, so we also called luminous marked cards as fluorescent marked cards.

Luminous marked cards are different from other marked cards, because the invisible ink used for marking cards is different. The difference between the marked cards with luminous invisible ink and the original card is very slight.

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