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  • Wired IR Camera Lens
  • Wired IR Camera Lens
  • Wired IR Camera Lens
  • Wired IR Camera Lens
  • Wired Marked Cards Infrared Camera

    Product Information

    1. The wired infrared marked cards lens device can see the numbers and colors of IR invisible ink marked cards

    2. It can transmit the information beyond 1 KM

    3. The scanning distance of this infrared poker camera is 1-5 meters, the scanning area is 2 meters by 2 meters

    4. This wired infrared marked cards lens has uninterrupted power supply

    Infrared poker camera have two types: wired infrared marked cards lens and wireless infrared poker camera. They are many people like using wired infrared spy camera to see IR back invisible ink marked cards, because it is very affordable.

    The wired infrared poker lens is very small, you can install it in any place that you want by yourself, for example: ceiling, lighter, smoke detector and so on, and it is very easy to install.

    If you use the wired infrared marked cards lens, you needn't put anything on the table, but you need a partner work together with you, your partner help you to see the invisible ink marks on the back of IR invisible ink marked cards from a video display screen (such as TV, computer and so on) in another room, then he can tell you the related information by wireless audio talkie, and you can hear the information by a mini spy earphone, so you can control your poker games very easily.


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    • Name: Markus König2020-02-09 01:51:52

    • Content: Guten Tag, wieviel kosten die braunen Kontaktlinsen inklusive Tinte ? LG
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    • Name: Chris 2020-02-05 21:54:30

    • Content: I would like to purchase a deck of Bicycle marked poker cards and a pair of brown contact lenses
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