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Infrared Camera Poker Device

Infrared camera with IR marked cards poker

When it comes to the camera, our first impression is to monitor. Have you ever thought it has other function? However, in a poker game, the camera will play a good and useful role, we call it as "infrared camera" , this infrared camera lens is different from ordinary lens, can see things that ordinary camera can't see, the infrared camera lens can see invisible marks of infrared poker.

Infrared poker is a special cards marked with infrared ink. From the surface, you can't see the difference between it and ordinary cards, but the secret is hidden, only when you use the infrared camera to look at the back of the cards, you can see the invisible mark on the back of the cards.

Infrared camera and infrared invisible ink marked cards are high-tech babies, little known among the general population, even among poker players. In addition, the infrared camera lens is very safe and cannot be detected by using invisible ink contact lenses or scanning camera lens. Moreover, the hidden places of the infrared camera are usually very hidden, such as the ceiling, lamp, etc., the wired marked cards infrared camera does not need to be exposed to the outside, but only needs to open a very small hole so that the infrared lens can see marked cards through the hole.

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