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  • Perspective poker table2017-11-09
  • The perspective poker table is a common table which is installed a poker cheating spy camera inside.
  • Black power bank camera2017-11-09
  • Our power bank is like a common power bank can be used to charge universal cell phone but with an internal poker camera.
  • Poker cards readers for marked cards2017-11-08
  • Roughly speaking, our company sells two types of poker marks readers: one is poker perspective glasses and the other is poker barcodes scanners.
  • Texas Holdem poker analyzer system2017-11-08
  • With the help of poker analyzer system, you are definitely the best winner in playing Texas Holdem poker games. Texas Holdem poker analyzer system is real a powerful device to predict the poker results before the cards are dealt.
  • A perfect poker analyzer in poker games2017-11-07
  • Samsung mobile phone is a perfect poker cheating device for winning lots of money in poker games. Because it is a real Samsung mobile phone with a software inside so that it is difficult for other to discover its secret.
  • Luminous contact lenses for marked cards2017-11-07
  • Using luminous contact lenses in poker games, the user is able to see through the invisible mark on the back of marked cards while other naked eyes cannot see.
  • Mahjong kits cheats in gamble2017-11-06
  • Our company sells two kinds Mahjong kits for cheating in gamble: one is invisible ink marked Mahjong tiles kit and the other is remote control Mahjong tiles kit.
  • High-quality wireless mini earphone2017-11-06
  • With its good concealment, our mini wireless earphone will never arouse other players attention at poker games because of its mini volume.
  • Poker analyzer system2017-11-04
  • The poker analyzer system comprises of poker analyzer, a camera lens, barcode marked cards and a mini earphone.
  • Royal marked cards at poker games2017-11-04
  • Royal marked cards are finely processed from high-quality Royal playing cards by our technicians with poker printer and invisible ink.

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