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AKK K4 Barcode Juice Marked Deck Poker Analyzer

With the development of technology, poker cheating devices are updated with the times. Now we have developed our latest AKK K4 barcode juice marked deck poker analyzer for you.

AKK K4 poker analyzer is the most advanced analyzer with the highest technology up to now all over the world. There are several main differences from other poker analyzers. First, it is an all-in-one cheating device which is fixed a camera inside. You can also add the other poker camera lens to work with it. Second, with a higher speed to scan the barcode marked cards and analyze poker results than other poker analyzers, it can tell you result within 0.1s. Besides, it is a real smart cell phone so that you can use it to phone, text, down load music and so on. With a remote control, it can change the number of players on poker analyzer secretly. Especially, it is equipped with a Bluetooth to receive poker results, which other poker analyzers do not have.

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