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  • USB Cable Barcode Poker Lens
  • USB Cable Barcode Poker Lens
  • USB Cable Barcode Poker Lens
  • USB Cable Barcode Poker Lens
  • USB Cable Barcode Poker Scanner

    Product Information

    1. It is an HD(high definition) barcode poker scanner

    2. The scanning distance between USB cable poker scanner and barcode marked poker cards can be 20-40 cm.

    3. This barcode poker scanner could work continuously as long as 3-4 hours.

    When play poker games, some poker players like using power bank to charge them cell phone, the USB cable is necessary to charge the cell phone, can you believe that the USB cable can help you poker games? We install a very small mini poker scanning camera inside the USB cable, so you can use the USB cable poker scanner to scan the barcode marked playing cards and send the signal to the poker analyzer. The USB cable barcode poker scanner just like the regular USB cable, no one will find the difference on the appearance.
    The USB cable barcode poker scanner can work with any poker analyzer, like AKK poker analyzer, CVK poker analyzer, PK King poker analyzer and LD poker analyzer and so on. If you use this USB cable barcode poker scanner system in Texas Holdem, it is safe and convenient for you to know the rank of all players at the table, the biggest winner, the first winner and the biggest winner.


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