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  • BMW Car Key Poker Scanner
  • BMW Car Key Poker Scanner
  • BMW Car Key Poker Scanner
  • BMW Car Key Poker Scanner
  • BMW Car Key Marked Cards Scanner

    Product Information

    1. It is an HD(high definition) marked cards poker scanner.

    2. The scanning distance between barcode invisible ink marked cards and BMW car key poker scanner can be 23-40 cm.

    3. This poker card scanner could work continuously as long as 3-4 hours.

    The BMW car is very popular among people, can you imagine that it can help you poker games? Have you ever heard BMW car key marked cards poker scanner? It is useful and reliable poker cheating device for scanning barcode luminous invisible ink marked cards.

    BMW car key marked cards poker scanner is a secret and safe short distance poker scanning camera. It could be used to scan any different brands of barcode invisible ink marked cards. After scanning, this marked cards poker scanner will send the barcode signal to the poker analyzer for analyzing. When you look at the BMW car key poker card scanner, it is just a regular car key at the surface. You just need put it on the table and then it will scan barcode marked cards automatically. Our BMW car key camera can work together with any poker analyzers.


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    • Name: Michael Carrasqu2019-05-23 02:25:51

    • Content: I am interested in getting this cards and sunglasses how much is the price.
    • Reply: Hello friend, i have send message to your Whatsapp about details, please check and reply. Thank you.
    • Name: Nick Polanco2019-05-22 04:38:24

    • Content: I want to buy a set of cards and contact lenses how do I purchase them and what is the price
    • Reply: Hey buddy, thank you for your inquiry about our marked cards and contact lenses. I have sent message to your WhatsApp , please check and reply. 

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