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  • LD D6 Marked Cards Poker Analyzer
  • LD D6 Marked Cards Poker Analyzer
  • LD D6 Marked Cards Poker Analyzer
  • LD D6 Marked Cards Poker Analyzer
  • LD D6 Wide Range All-in-one Poker Analyzer

    Product Information


    1. 1 remote controller

    2. 2 batteries

    3. 1 charger

    Color: Black, White

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    Whatsapp: +86 188 2517 5787

    LD D6 poker analyzer is a wide range all-in-one poker analyzer, it has a built-in camera to scan the sides marked playing cards, the scanning distance is about 30 cm and its scanning width range is about 30 cm. Its scanning distance and scanning width range are longer than other poker analyzers, it is a wide range camera poker analyzer.

    After the local camera of LD D6 poker analyzer scans the marks of the sides marked cards, it will analyze the data and tell the result within 0.1s, you can hear the result by mini earpiece or see the result from the screen of poker analyzer directly.

    If you need long distance scanning camera, you can use the extra scanning camera, such as: Power Bank scanning camera, clock scanning camera, wallet scanning camera and so on. If you use the extra scanning camera, you needn't put the poker analyzer on the table, you can put it into your pocket.
    The whole set of LD D6 poker analyzer system includes:
    1. A LD D6 poker analyzer
    2. Barcode marked cards
    3. Mini earpiece or one to one spy earpiece


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