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  • K3 Poker Cards Analyzer
  • K3 Poker Cards Analyzer
  • K3 Poker Cards Analyzer
  • K3 Poker Cards Analyzer
  • K3 Poker Cards Analyzer With Marked Cards

    Product Information


    1. 1 remote controller

    2. 2 batteries or 3 batteries

    3. 1 charger

    Color: Black, White

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    Whatsapp: +86 188 2517 5787

    K3 poker cards analyzer is one of the most popular AKK poker analyzer, which looks just like a regular cell phone, and it has the function of real cell phone, you can use it to make a call, send message, listen music and other function.

    Besides, the K3 poker cards analyzer can be used in your poker games to increase your winning odds, which need work with poker cards scanner, barcode marked playing cards, mini headphone. The K3 poker cards analyzer uses to analyze the data from poker cards scanner and report the result quickly and correctly, the result tells you the winners.

    Comparing with the old AKK Poker Analyzer, the K3 poker analyzer has these advantages:
    1. It has a local camera, the scanning distance is 20-40 cm
    2. You can see the result on the screen of the poker analyzer directly
    3. It has a remote controller
    4. It has the function of real cell phone
    5. The local camera is much more stable and the its scanning 95% accurate


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