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  • Modiano No.98 Marked Deck Poker
  • Modiano No.98 Marked Deck Poker
  • Modiano No.98 Marked Deck Poker
  • Modiano No.98 Marked Deck Poker
  • Modiano Ramino No.98 Marked Poker Cards

    Product Information

    Decks: 2

    Size: Poker Size

    Index: 4 PIP Regular Index

    Colors: Red, Blue

    Material: 100% Plastic

    Modiano Ramino No.98 marked poker playing cards is currently available in poker size. This set of marked playing cards has red and blue decks. The poke designation only refers to the size of the card. A poker card is 3.5 inches tall by 2.50 inches wide. It is also commonly known as wide size.

    Modiano Ramino No.98 marked poker playing cards has 4pip index. The 4pip index refers to the number of pips(the letter or/and number in the corner of the card). A 4PIP indexed card has smaller pips buy a larger picture in the middle than a jumbo index.

    These poker cards can be designed as the luminous ink marked poker cards for infrared contact lenses and marked cards sunglasses, back marked poker cards for spy camera to read, barcode marked poker cards for poker analyzer system. You can choose the different invisible ink marked cards according to your different poker games, surroundings and condition. If you want to use the easy and convenient high-tech poker product, marked poker cards for contact lenses is the best choice for you. You just only wear a pair of infrared contact lenses, so the cards will seem to be transparent in front of you.




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    • Name: Hoeun Chhunly 2020-07-28 21:44:54

    • Content: Hi dear I want to buy How much I am in the country Cambodia
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    • Name: Sam2020-05-24 23:12:59

    • Content: I would like to buy these contact lenses and Bicycle deck mark card And invisible mark ink
    • Reply: Hello friend, i already send email about our products, please check and reply. Thanks!

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