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  • Modiano Jumbo Bike Marked Cards Poker
  • Modiano Jumbo Bike Marked Cards Poker
  • Modiano Jumbo Bike Marked Cards Poker
  • Modiano Jumbo Bike Marked Cards Poker
  • Modiano Jumbo Bike Best Marked Cards

    Product Information

    Decks: 1

    Size: Poker Size

    Index: Jumbo Index

    Colors: Red, Blue

    Material: 100% Plastic

    Modiano Jumbo Bike marked cards has red and blue deck, which is 100% plastic poker size jumbo index Bike Trophy Modiano marked cards.

    This marked cards is individually retail packaged.

    There is simply no better way to describe Modiano marked playing cards than as the complete marked playing card solution. Modiano marked cards are extremely playable without sacrificing durability, resilience, or sharpness.

    Modiano Jumbo Bike marked cards with invisible marks has no any difference from the regular poker cards in appearance. The special feature of those invisible ink marked cards is that they are printed with the luminous ink on the back of cards, and the marks can't be seen by naked eyes, the luminous reader infrared contact lenses or marked cards glasses are special for reading the invisible ink marked cards. If you play the poker games with Modiano Jumbo Bike marked cards and IR poker contact lenses, the poker cards all seem to be transparent in front of you, you can know the poker face in advance, so you can make the advisable decision in your poker games.




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    • Name: Kashif2020-04-02 21:05:08

    • Content: Sir plz price I need this pen
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    • Name: Justin2020-03-27 08:24:57

    • Content: Want to get copag cards and the appropriate contact to read them
    • Reply: Hello friend, thank you for your inquiry about our products. I already send message to your WhatsApp, please check and reply. 

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