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  • Dal Negro Invisible Ink Marked Cards
  • Dal Negro Invisible Ink Marked Cards
  • Dal Negro Invisible Ink Marked Cards
  • Dal Negro Invisible Ink Marked Cards
  • Dal Negro Monkey Invisible Ink Marked Deck

    Product Information

    Decks: 1

    Size: Poker Size

    Index: Jumbo Index

    Colors: Red, Blue, Orange, Black, Purple

    Material: Plastic

    Dal Negro Monkey cards is made in Italy by Dal Negro Company, we bought the original Dal Negro Monkey cards from Italy and processed them into invisible ink marked deck, which is 100% plastic cards, poker size with jumbo index.

    We can process Dal Negro Monkey poker cards into back invisible ink marked deck and side marked playing cards. The different marked cards need work with different luminous invisible ink reader.

    Dal Negro Monkey back invisible ink marked cards with UV poker contact lenses are very easy and convenient for poker players to use, you don't need a partner to help you, you just need wear a pair of UV poker contact lenses or luminous ink sunglasses, you can see the invisible ink marks on the back of cards.

    If you want to know the poker winners directly, Invisible ink Dal Negro Monkey barcode marked playing cards for poker analyzer scanner is good for you. This barcode marked deck need the poker camera lens to scan the barcode on the edges of cards. After the poker scanner camera scans the Dal Negro barcode marked deck, it will transfer the information to the poker cards scanner analyzer, the poker analyzer will analyze the data and tell the result quickly and correctly.




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    • Name: Patricia2019-07-17 20:41:07

    • Content: Hi. I would like to know the price for the invisible ink pen and the contact lenses. Thank you
    • Reply: Hello, friend. Thanks for your inqury. I will contact you on your WhatsApp. Please check and reply. Thank you.
    • Name: dubosquelle2019-07-17 01:28:44

    • Content: how much ?
    • Reply: Hello friend, thank you for your inqury about our products. I have contacted you on your WhatsApp. Please check and reply. Thanks.

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