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  • Fournier 818 Marked Deck Cards
  • Fournier 818 Marked Deck Cards
  • Fournier 818 Marked Deck Cards
  • Fournier 818 Marked Deck Cards
  • Fournier 818 Professional Marked Cards For Sale

    Product Information

    Decks: 1

    Size: Poker Size

    Index: Jumbo Index

    Colors: Red, Blue, Green, Orange

    Material: 100% Plastic

    Fournier 818 cards is jumbo index plastic coated casino quality poker cards from the World-Famous Naipes Heraclio Fournier S.A. Factory In Spain.

    We process the original Fournier 818 poker cards into marked cards for playing magic cards tricks. These Fournier 818 marked poker cards has red and blue back, the two colors of poker cards both can be marked into luminous ink contact lenses marked cards.

    The Fournier 818 red cards are marked with big suits or numbers in the middle, or with small fonts in the corners. The marks are dark colored.

    The Fournier 818 blue cards are usually marked just with a big font in the middle. And the invisible ink used for the marking is white or black.

    The marks on the Fournier 818 marked cards can be read by invisible ink contact lenses or marked cards sunglasses, the naked eyes or regular contact lenses and sunglasses can't detect them.




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    • Name: Nicola2019-08-18 07:23:31

    • Content: I want to buy a infrared deck card.. But i can i use for see the card?
    • Reply: Hello, friend. I will send message to your WhatsApp. Please check and reply. Thank you.
    • Name: André Mendes2019-08-16 18:39:07

    • Content: Hello my friend, i would love to know the price of one pack of cards and glasses please
    • Reply: Hello, friend. I have contacted you on WhatsApp. Please check and reply. Thank you.

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