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  • Fournier 505 Invisible Playing Cards
  • Fournier 505 Invisible Playing Cards
  • Fournier 505 Invisible Playing Cards
  • Fournier 505 Invisible Playing Cards
  • Fournier 505 Luminous Ink Marked Cards

    Product Information

    Decks: 1

    Size: Poker Size

    Index: Regular Index

    Colors: Red, Blue

    Material: 100% Plastic

    Fournier 505 luminous ink marked cards is one of the preferred cards for magicians around the world. This is a deck of 52 repeater short cards, which includes 26 Jack of hearts with a red back, and 26 6 of clubs with a blue back. At simple glance is a standard deck of cards, but they are 0.6mm shorter than usual.

    Fournier 505 poker cards can be marked with invisible ink, and it will have magic function, one choice is luminous ink marked cards for poker contact lenses, you can know the number and color when wear our special luminous ink contact lenses. The other choice is marked for poker analyzer, when these luminous ink marked cards work with poker analyzer, the poker analyzer will report the result of the games, like Texas Holdem, Omaha 4, Omaha 5. When you playing poker games with your opponents, it is very important to know the result, so you can enjoy the poker games better. And also it is a good choice for magic.




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    • Name: Paul Kunde2020-08-25 10:15:08

    • Content: How much for a deck of Royals and the correct contact lenses?
    • Reply: Hello friend, i have sent you an email about our products. Please check and reply, thank you. 
    • Name: Sam2020-05-24 23:12:59

    • Content: I would like to buy these contact lenses and Bicycle deck mark card And invisible mark ink
    • Reply: Hello friend, i already send email about our products, please check and reply. Thanks!

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