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  • Fournier 2500 Marked Cards
  • Fournier 2500 Marked Cards
  • Fournier 2500 Marked Cards
  • Fournier 2500 Marked Cards
  • Fournier 2500 Invisible Ink Marked Poker Cards

    Product Information

    Decks: 1

    Size: Poker Size

    Index: Standard 4PIP Indexes

    Colors: Red, Blue

    Material: 100% Plastic

    Fournier of Spain supplies playing cards to leading European casinos and now their exquisite 100% plastic playing cards are available to home players. Model No. 2500 is a poker-size, standard index deck with a mesmerizing back design in blue - great for Texas Hold'em. In the European style, these cards feature an index in each corner of the card. This deck is packaged in a cardboard tuckbox with the new holographic security seal. Each deck is made from the same proprietary materials and undergoes the same rigorous quality control procedures as those used for high-end casino customers. Each deck includes 52 cards, two jokers, and a courtesy card.

    Fournier 2500 plastic poker cards can be processed into side invisible ink marked poker cards, it should work with poker analyzer, scanning cameras, mini headset. Our company always maintain the principle: high quality materials and strict control of the production process. We choose the best and special invisible ink and test at least 3 time, after marked the cards, we will compare them with non-marked cards to confirm they are good and then process the marked cards. When play cards, the barcode can be read by any types of poker scanner cameras, after the poker scanner scans the cards, it will transfer the data to the poker analyzer, the poker analyzer will analyze the data and tells the result very quickly. The result tells you who is the winner. It is a new technology cheating in the card games.




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    • Name: Paul Kunde2020-08-25 10:15:08

    • Content: How much for a deck of Royals and the correct contact lenses?
    • Reply: Hello friend, i have sent you an email about our products. Please check and reply, thank you. 
    • Name: Sam2020-05-24 23:12:59

    • Content: I would like to buy these contact lenses and Bicycle deck mark card And invisible mark ink
    • Reply: Hello friend, i already send email about our products, please check and reply. Thanks!

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