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  • Copag Class Natural Juice Marked Cards
  • Copag Class Natural Juice Marked Cards
  • Copag Class Natural Juice Marked Cards
  • Copag Class Natural Juice Marked Cards
  • Copag Class Natural Juice Marked Cards

    Product Information

    Decks: two decks with the natural design

    Size: bridge size ( narrow)

    Index: jumbo(large) index on the corners

    Material: 100% Plastic Playing Cards

    Container: durable hard plastic storage case

    The Class series represents a new design direction for Copag, blending traditional designs with vibrant colors. Made with top quality materials and state-of-the-art technology, these 100% plastic playing cards are manufactured just like the cards featured on televised poker tournaments. With proper care and use, these plastic playing cards will last much longer than their paper counterparts.

    This set of Copag class natural playing cards are loved by many poker players, and they are widely used in the world. We printed invisible ink on the back of this playing cards, it serves as a cheating tool in poker games.

    From the Copag class natural juice marked cards appearance, you can find nothing just like the normal poker cards. It seems to be magic, but as long as you wear a pair of marked cards contact lenses or card cheating sunglasses, you can read suits and points of each card.
    Meanwhile, each player's poker face are visible for you so that you can decide what you should do at next step of poker games, betting or folding. We also accept customized service. If you want other back designs of cards, we can meet your needs for particular requirement.


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    • Name: sam smith2019-12-13 02:57:25

    • Content: what is the cost for the contact lenses?
    • Reply: 
    • Name: TAM PHAM2019-12-06 03:00:54

    • Content: what is the price for invisible brown contact lenses?
    • Reply: Hello, friend. Thanks for your inquiry about our products. I will contact you on Whatsapp. Please check and reply. Thank you.

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