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  • Copag Class Legacy Marked Cards Poker
  • Copag Class Legacy Marked Cards Poker
  • Copag Class Legacy Marked Cards Poker
  • Copag Class Legacy Marked Cards Poker
  • Copag Class Legacy Marked Cards Poker

    Product Information

    Decks: two decks with the Legacy design

    Size: bridge size ( narrow)

    Index: jumbo(large) index on the corners

    Material: 100% Plastic Playing Cards

    Container: durable hard plastic storage case

    The Class series represents a new design direction for Copag, blending traditional designs with vibrant colors. Made with top quality materials and state-of-the-art technology, these 100% plastic playing cards are manufactured just like the cards featured on televised poker tournaments. With proper care and use, these plastic playing cards will last much longer than their paper counterparts.

    This set of Copag class Legacy poker cards are made of plastic material, which have a washable and endurable feature. We process Copag class Legacy poker cards into marked cards poker, the luminous invisible ink on the back of Copag class Legacy poker cards will not be seen by naked eyes. Besides, the invisible ink can last for a longer time.

    When we mark these poker cards, we can print big font in the middle of back or small marks at four corners, you can read those marked cards poker by using our card cheating contact lenses or invisible ink sunglasses. Therefore, the suits and values of all cards can be known and you can make the decision at next step.

    Copag class Legacy marked cards poker can help you win the poker games. Why not choose it? Just believe it can give you many surprises.


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    • Name: lee raymond hall2020-11-20 01:29:48

    • Content:  hello what is the price for the induction dice and shipping costs to the uk? many thanks lee.
    • Reply: 
    • Name: Richard Mechelke2020-11-09 09:06:41

    • Content: I like to buy this please
    • Reply: Hello friend, i have sent you an e-mail about our products, please check and reply. Thank you!

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