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  • Copag 139 juice marked cards
  • Copag 139 juice marked cards
  • Copag 139 juice marked cards
  • Copag 139 juice marked cards
  • Copag 139 Luminous Marked Cards

    Product Information

    Decks: 1

    Size: Bridge Size

    Index: Jumbo Index, Regular Index

    Colors: Red, Blue

    Material: Plastic-coated Paper

    Copag 139 luminous marked cards is a kind of plastic-coated paper cards. There are two colors of this cards, red and blue. These two colors of contact lenses marked cards both have very good effect. We can print big marks in the middle of cards or small marks on four corners. We also can print the marks according to your requirement. When you wear the uv invisible ink contact lenses or luminous ink glasses, you can see marks and suits of cards clearly.

    Copag 139 luminous marked cards is very helpful for making back marked cards poker or barcode marked cards poker. The barcode marked cards poker works with poker analyzer, poker scanner, mini earpiece. When you put the poker scanner on the table, it will scan the barcode of the luminous marked cards automatically, then transfer the information to the poker analyzer, the analyzer will analyze the data and tell the result very quickly, you can hear the result from the mini earpiece. This barcode scanning system can be used in different poker games, for example: Texas hold'em, Omaha 4, Omaha 5, Blackjack and other poker games.




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    • Name: lee raymond hall2020-11-20 01:29:48

    • Content:  hello what is the price for the induction dice and shipping costs to the uk? many thanks lee.
    • Reply: 
    • Name: Richard Mechelke2020-11-09 09:06:41

    • Content: I like to buy this please
    • Reply: Hello friend, i have sent you an e-mail about our products, please check and reply. Thank you!

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