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  • Bicycle Plastic Jumbo Marked Cards
  • Bicycle Plastic Jumbo Marked Cards
  • Bicycle Plastic Jumbo Marked Cards
  • Bicycle Plastic Jumbo Marked Cards
  • Bicycle Prestige Jumbo Luminous Ink Marked Cards

    Product Information

    Decks: 1

    Size: Poker Size

    Index: Jumbo Index

    Colors: Red, Blue

    Material: Plastic

    Bicycle prestige jumbo luminous ink cards was durable, washable plastic playing cards. Each deck has more than 50 hours of continues play! Many professionals prefer the flexibility and durability of plastic luminous ink cards. These Bicycle prestige marked playing cards offers unmatched durability and is the only 100% plastic card to offer a paper-like feel. Perfect for a neighborhood game or a professional tournament.

    Bicycle plastic prestige jumbo luminous ink marked cards are printed with invisible marks on back. Those marks standing for the suits and numbers, which can't be read by naked eyes and only can be seen by our poker cheating contact lenses or special glasses to see invisible ink. We can perfectly process the Bicycle plastic prestige playing cards into invisible ink luminous marked cards. The marked Bicycle plastic luminous ink cards look like the regular poker cards, which still keep excellent hand feel and good shape the same as those of original cards. We can print big marks in the middle or small marks at four corners, in addition, we can design the marks according to your special requirement.

    Bicycle plastic cards also can be printed marks on four sides, which called " barcode invisible ink marked cards", the bicycle plastic barcode marked cards can be read by the poker scanning camera, after the poker scanning camera scans the barcode of the marked cards, it will transfer the data to the poker analyzer, the poker analyzer analyzes the data and tells the result very quickly and correctly, you can hear the result though the min headset, the result tells you the winners.




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    • Name: Giorgi2019-07-19 12:34:47

    • Content: I need to know about how many contact lenses it comes with, how often to change them, are marks can be made on white dominos backsides? how often you need to apply, how many tube inks or invisible pen it comes with, and price. Thank you in advance
    • Reply: Hello, friends. Thank you for your inquiry. I have sent messages to your WhatsApp. Please check and reply. Thanks.
    • Name: Patricia2019-07-17 20:41:07

    • Content: Hi. I would like to know the price for the invisible ink pen and the contact lenses. Thank you
    • Reply: Hello, friend. Thanks for your inqury. I will contact you on your WhatsApp. Please check and reply. Thank you.

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