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  • Bicycle Jumbo Luminous Ink Cards
  • Bicycle Jumbo Luminous Ink Cards
  • Bicycle Jumbo Luminous Ink Cards
  • Bicycle Jumbo Luminous Ink Cards
  • Bicycle Jumbo Invisible Marked Playing Cards

    Product Information

    Decks: 1

    Size: Poker Size

    Index: Jumbo Index

    Colors: Red, Blue

    Material: Plastic-coated Paper

    Get our classic Bicycle Rider Back invisible marked playing cards with a jumbo index that will give you a clear read of your hand during a competitive game.

    Bicycle jumbo index poker cards can be printed invisible marks with luminous invisible ink on the back or sides, these invisible marked playing cards have magic function. With printing the marks on different place of cards, we have back invisible marked playing cards and sides invisible ink marked cards.

    The back Bicycle jumbo invisible marked playing cards also have two types: UV invisible ink marked playing cards and IR invisible ink marked cards. The UV marked cards can be printed big marks in the middle or small marks at four corners, only when you wear UV invisible ink contact lenses or marked cards sunglasses, you can see the marks (represent numbers and suits) on the back, the naked eyes can't see the marks. The IR marked cards can be read by IR camera lens. These two types of marked cards both are printed marks on the back, but the difference is that we use different special luminous invisible ink to mark the cards.

    The sides marked cards are printed marks on four sides, which also called barcode marked cards, any brands of poker cards can be marked for sides invisible ink marked cards, and the effect of all brands of cards is very good. The barcode marked cards need work with poker analyzer, poker scanning camera, mini earpiece.




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    • Name: Paul Kunde2020-08-25 10:15:08

    • Content: How much for a deck of Royals and the correct contact lenses?
    • Reply: Hello friend, i have sent you an email about our products. Please check and reply, thank you. 
    • Name: Sam2020-05-24 23:12:59

    • Content: I would like to buy these contact lenses and Bicycle deck mark card And invisible mark ink
    • Reply: Hello friend, i already send email about our products, please check and reply. Thanks!

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