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What Is Invisible Ink Contact Lenses?

Invisible ink contact lenses are the most popular products in our company. Have you ever used invisible ink contact lenses? And do you know what is invisible ink contact lenses?

Invisible ink contact lenses is special poker contact lenses that processed by regular contact lenses with invisible ink, which uses to see the invisible marks of marked poker cards. The invisible ink contact lenses with marked cards can be used in magic show or poker games, which is very amazing and wonderful product.

There are many people will worry that the invisible ink contact lenses will harm their eyes, but now I can tell you the invisible ink contact lenses just like the regular contact lenses, which won't harm your eyes. Our invisible ink contact lenses is soft, when you wear it inside your eyes, you will feel very comfortable. And we have many size invisible ink contact lenses, which are suitable for different colors' eyes.

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