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Wall clock poker scanner for invisible ink marked playing cards

Wall clock marked cards poker scanner is a popular poker scanner with a wide scanning area and long distant scanning. We place a hidden poker camera in wall clock which use an AC power to support spy and monitoring job for a long time poker games.
When Wall clock marked cards poker scanner work with poker analyzer, it is able to scan the back barcode marked playing cards with a long distance up to 2-6 meters. And by the way, there is a remote control for wall clock poker scanner that means you can adjust the area of the width and length of scanner you want. While you playing poker games with wall clock poker scanner, a partner comes first. Because the screen on the backstage in another room will show the result of the games after wall clock finish its scanning. Thus, you need to work with a partner who help you to see the result in the backstage and tell you the final result. If you are looking forwards a long and with distance poker scanner for your marked cards, our wall clock poker scanner is your best choice.

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