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USB cable poker scanning camera for barcode marked cards

Have you ever thought about that USB cable can be used as poker scanning camera in the poker games? Imagine that you are capable of winning lots of money while you charging you cell phone with your USB cable. That is real awesome. USB cable is the main topic I will talk with you.
USB cable was set a mini spy camera lens inside which has no difference from the regular one and attract no attention in casino or club games. while dealer is dealing the cards, you just need to place your cell phone charging on the table with your USB cable. The camera lens inside the cable scan automatically the barcode marked playing cards, then send the message to your poker analyzer which could be your cell phone or something else. Once the poker analyzer receive the information about marked cards, it would immediately analyzer and tell you the result by mini earphone. The USB cable camera can operated with any king of poker analyzer and marked cards, such as KEM barcode marked cards, Copag barcode marked playing cards, Fournier barcode poker marked cards... and AKK A1 poker analyzer, PK King poker analyzer and so on. If you are find some other poker scanning cameras, we also can provide lighter poker camera, water bottle poker camera, cigarette poker camera etc.

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