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Three fashion styles of sunglasses in our company

If you will not find a better quality pair of fashionable glasses, you should take our company products into consideration. There are a lot of high quality fashion styles of sunglasses in our company. Now I will introduce three of them for you.
1. The Infrared UV Black traditional sunglasses: These look like regular black framed sunglasses. They are disguised as good as the Aviator style sunglasses and are plastic. These are one of our best sellers and these really go well with our marked cards. Markings are crystal clear!
2. The Aviator sunglasses are made with a great strong frame. The lenses themselves are created with the Infrared UV vision built right in. There isn't a sticker filter! The outside of the sunglasses are disguised with a normal mirror tint. Green, blue, glassy, etc. They look completely normal!
3. Reader style Sunglasses: These are not disguised at all and are meant to be used to just bust poker cheaters or used in magician card shows. They can also be used to create marked cards with our luminous ink kit. These are our cheapest sunglasses.
Any of our packages includes a deck of Bee brand marked cards. The markings are professionally made and guaranteed to last forever on the card. We also offer Bicycle - message us if you have a preference.

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