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The thinnest AKK K5 poker analyzer with built-in camera

Poker analyzers have been widely used by lots of poker players in casino, especially AKK poker analyzer. When it comes to AKK poker analyzer, AKK K5 poker analyzer is the most popular and fashionable among all AKK poker analyzers.

AKK K5 poker analyzer is the thinnest poker analyzer so far in the market with fashionable exterior design and many different functions. In our daily life, you can used K5 poker analyzer as a smart phone to make calls, send messages, surf the internet and etc. While playing poker games, you can use it as a cheating device to know beforehand the poker result like the first winner hand, the second winner hand or the ranks of each poker.

AKK K5 poker analyzer is equipped with a inside local camera lens, which means K5 poker analyzer is an all-in-one poker analyzer with internal camera to scan the barcode marked cards. You also can use the external poker camera lens to work with K5 poker analyzer as you like.

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