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Royal marked cards at poker games

Royal marked cards are finely processed from high-quality Royal playing cards by our technicians with poker printer and invisible ink.

Royal playing cards are made of 100% plastic, which is washable, durable, and extremely playable without sacrificing their durability, resilience and sharpness. With this advantage, Royal marked cards are the most popular marked cards used in casino, home games or club games. There are several different stylish back marks with geometric patterns, wide geometric pattern, narrow geometric pattern, red deck and blue deck a set.

We usually print the royal marked cards into back royal marked cards and side royal marked cards. Back royal marked cards are printed the marked in the middle or on the white board of the cards back, indicating the suits and numbers. Side royal marked cards are printed along the edge of cards back, indicating the barcodes.

We can also print the marks with the accordance to your special requirements. If you are interested in Royal back marked cards or Royal side marked cards, welcome to contact us. In addition, Copag marked cards, Kem marked cards, Modiano marked cards and etc are also available from our company.

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