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Power bank with built-in camera lens scan the side marked playing cards

Power bank is a very convenient and useful charger for cell phone in nowadays. Increasing number of people are accustomed to carry with the power bank if they are going to somewhere far away or stay in somewhere for a long time. So taking with your power bank if you go outside is pretty casual now.
Therefore, it will arise no attention when you bring your power bank scanning camera into the casino and put it on the table. The power bank scanning camera is installed a so mini camera lens inside that no one will find it. It can scan the side barcode luminous poker marked cards within 20-80cm. And we can customized the scanning distance for you if you are in need. The camera lens is a high definition lens so that it can see clearly the invisible ink marks even you play in a dark room. The most significant one is that the power bank cameral can scan the marked poker cards while charging you cell phone. When you play the poker games, the power bank you put on the table is capable of reading the side marked cards with 100% accuracy by the light of HD, and then it will send the information to the poker analyzer that is powerful to analyze the final result you need. What's more, your power bank can be processed by us and we will satisfied all you need if you do not want to buy a new one.

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