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Poker perspective sunglasses to see through the marked cards

More and more people like wearing sunglasses outside out of different aims. Some think it is pretty awesome for good looking while others use it to prevent from sunshine or eyes contact form passerby. Whatever which aim they have, we need to admit that sunglasses is popular than we ever thought.

Our company is one of the best manufacturer of marked cards, contact lenses and sunglasses for poker cheating in china. We can process the ordinary sunglasses into a special perspective sunglasses which is able to see through the marked cards in poker games without changing any of its element of fashion. The perspective sunglasses we have in stock infrared sunglasses, ultraviolet sunglasses and luminous sunglasses. The mark printed on the back of marked cards with infrared ink, ultraviolet ink or luminous ink can be read by wearing the corresponding perspective sunglasses.

Wearing perspective sunglasses also can prevent eyes contact with others that avoids giving out your real mind reading from your eyes by others.

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