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Poker dealing shoes cheat at poker games

There are not only common dealing shoes in our company but also special dealing shoes. Our company can process the common dealing poker shoes in to a special poker dealing shoes with high technology to help you win lots of money at poker games.

We often divide the special dealing poker shoes into two kinds, the hand control dealing shoe and remote control dealing shoe. The hand control dealing shoe means that you need to deal the poker cards on your own. If you want this card, you can just deal it. If not, you can hide it and then deal the next card. However, the remote control dealing shoe needs to work with some other cheating devices, including a monitor, two remote controllers, a wireless sender, a wireless receiver and a deck of barcode marked cards. A high definition camera lens is set up into the dealing shoe. When you put the barcode marked cars into the remote control dealing shoe, the HD camera lens can see through the numbers and suits of marked cards which can be seen on the monitor on the backstage. According to the information showing on the screen, you can know what cards is. If the cards numbers and suits is not what you want, you just need to press the button in one of controller and then the dealing shoe will hide the card.

We still have other different kinds of dealing shoes in stock in our company now. If you are interested in dealing shoe, please feel free to contact us.

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