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Poker Cards Scanner To Improve Poker Games

Poker cards scanner now is mainly used for exploring private things. It is a very mini camera. Based on its secret, we have developed poker cards camera for poker cheating and help you win the poker games.

Poker cards scanner can be fixe in many objects such as car key, power bank, watch, cell phone, chip tray and so on . Poker cards scanner for scanning barcode marked playing cards can help you cheat in many poker games like Omaha, Blackjack, Baccarat and Texas poker game.

After scan the marked cards, poker cards scanner will send the signal to the poker analyzer, the poker analyzer will analyze the data and tell you the result very quickly, you can know the winners directly in advance. For example in Texas game, the first winner hand, the second winner hand and even each poker hand will be known before you make a bet or fold.

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