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Poker analyzer system clock poker scanner

Poker scanner plays a paramount role in poker analyzer system. There are many different types of poker scanners for poker analyzer system.

Car key poker scanner, chip tray poker scanner, wrist watch poker scanner, clock poker scanner and so on are the most common poker scanner which are in the disguises of daily necessities. Next, I would like to talk about clock poker scanner.

Clock poker scanner is a long distance poker scanner which is installed an camera lens inside. The camera lens is used to scan the invisible barcode marked cards. After camera lens finish collecting the information of invisible barcode marked cards. it will send it to poker analyzer as soon as possible. Once your poker analyzers receive the information of barcode, it will decode it in less than few seconds. In the end, you will hear the result from the mini earphone.

The whole process of cheating are secret and safe which is pretty hard for others to detect that you are cheating.

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