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PK S708 poker analyzer with wrist watch poker scanner

PK S708 poker analyzer system comprises of poker S708 poker analyzer, wrist watch poker scanner, remote controller and barcode marked cards.

PK S708 poker analyzer is available in white color and black color. The appearance of S708 is more beautiful and fashionable than other poker analyzers. It can be used in many other poker games, such private poker games, club poker games and casino poker games.

PK S708 poker analyzer is special from other poker analyzers, it comes with the Bluetooth smart wrist watch, this smart wrist watch have time mode, vibrator mode and earphone mode, so you not only can hear the result by mini earphone, but also can see the result on the screen of smart wrist watch time directly.

In addition, PK S708 poker analyzer has a special poker scanner with wide scanning range, reaching about 20-80cm. Thus, PK S708 poker analyzer do not need to work with extra poker scanners.

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