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Perspective poker table

With the increase numbers of players of poker games, the demand for poker cheating devices is rapidly going up. Now, marked cards, contact lenses and poker analyzer system are playing a paramount role in poker cheating in poker games. Today, the poker cheating device I want to talk about differs from the poker cheating device mentioned above. The perspective poker table do not need to work with marked cards, it works with common poker cards.

The perspective poker table is a common table which is installed a poker cheating spy camera inside. This camera can scan the numbers and suits of poker cards and send the information of poker cards to the TV or PC on the backstage. From the screen, your partner can see the points and suits of all cards. Our perspective poker table is a perfect poker cheating device which can scan the poker cards at any angle and no material can affect its scanning function.

At the same time, we also accept your special request for customization. If you are in any need of perspective poker table, please feel free to contact us.

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