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PC Playing Cards Analysis Software In Blackjack

With the advancement of technology, we have been researching and developing advanced poker cheating devices for enhancing poker winning. The Flush and Blackjack are famous games around the world. In the following sections, I will share our PC poker analysis software at these both games.
Parts of whole PC poker analysis software set
It is a special poker analysis software for flush or Blackjack poker game. This software supports PC. The whole poker cheating set includes a set PC poker analysis software, a wireless transmitter / receiver and the marked playing cards, a poker scanner which can be hidden in our daily items like a car key, a lighter, a cell phone, a wall picture or a clock.
How to use it at games
Players can install this software in personal computer. The wireless spy mini hidden camera will scan the barcode marked cards and send all the information of cards to computer wireless receiver. After distinguishing the side invisible bar codes of each card, the software will show each card number from up to bottom in screen. It will automatically analyze the result to show the each player’s poker hand ranking. Besides, it will record all information as a picture shown in software.The key to winning in Blackjack is to know the next card’ value which you expect to each 21 points as close as possible.This poker analysis software will offer you a hundred percent of accuracy.

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