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Omaha Texas poker analyzer analyze the invisible bar code

Omaha Texas can be easily cheat by using poker analyzer. Poker analyzer system is made up of a camera lens, an analyzer and an earpiece also together with cards marked by barcodes. When the camera lens scan on the cards marked by barcode, the value of each card will be sent to analyzer immediately. After about 0.3 seconds' analysis, you will hear the result from the earpiece.

From the earpiece. different settings you will hear different results. You can hear the first winner hand, second winner hand, each hand rank or the suits and value of flop.

In a poker game, the number of players will be changed as players come and go. So how to do with analyzer? There is a remote to help you to change the number of players very easily and quickly. Whenever they come, and whenever they go, you will set the number of players very easily.

What's more, this Omaha Texas K30 poker analyzer can work with any different poker cameras.

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