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Modiano Texas Holdem Marked Playing Cards

The Modiano Texas Holdem is plastic cards, which can be processed all types of marked playing cards. And the Modiano Texas Holdem marked cards are very popular among our customers, because this type of marked cards have very good effect.

Modiano Texas Holdem cards can be processed into the invisible ink playing cards that can be seen by invisible ink contact lenses. The invisible ink marks on the back of cards, which can not be seen by naked eyes. The invisible ink contact lenses and marked playing cards are very easy to use, you just need wear a pair of our special contact lenses, then put the Modiano Texas Holdem marked playing cards where you want, then you can see the invisible marks on the back of cards, which show you the numbers and suits.

The Modiano Texas Holdem cards also can be processed into barcode marked cards for poker analyzer and IR marked playing cards for IR camera. You can buy the suitable type of marked cards according to your poker games.

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