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Modiano Marked Playing Cards With UV Invisible Ink Contact Lenses

There are many kinds of marked playing cards you could see in our company. There are bee marked cards, bicycle marked cards, Kem  marked cards, Copag marked cards, Modiano marked cards and so on.
Modiano juice marked cards are used by many poker players, Modiano cards have plastic cards and paper cards, the both type of playing cards all can be processed into invisible ink marked cards. The cards are marked by using the latest juice invisible ink for UV invisible ink lenses, you can see the marks clearly when you wear our UV invisible ink contact lenses, and the marks of course cannot be seen by naked eye. The cards also can be marked by invisible ink for IR camera lens, only our devices can detect out. It is very safe for you to cheat in Casino or clubs. There is also a way to mark the cards for poker analyzer. We call this barcode. The barcode can only be read out by camera lens and poker analyzer.

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