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Mercedes-Benz car key camera lens

Car key camera lens is a short distance spy camera lens for scanning the barcode marked cards. Today, I would like to share Mercedes-Benz car key with you.

A high-definition camera lens is fixed inside the Mercedes-Benz car key without changing its appearance. In fact, the scanning distance of Mercedes-Benz car key is depended on the size of cark key. Here are five choices you have in our company from 5cm to10cm, 10cm to 20cm, 20cm to 30cm, 30cm to 40cm and 40cm to 50cm.

While playing poker games, you just need to press the button on car key to turn on or off the poker scanner. And this camera lens can work up to 3 hours without shutdown and recharging. What' more, Mercedes-Benz car key camera lens is able to work with any different poker analyzers, such as AKK poker analyzer, CVK poker analyzer, PK King poker analyzer and so on. If you want to own such an famous and fashionable car key poker scanner, please feel free to contact us.

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