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Marking cards with invisible ink

Marking cards with invisible ink is secret to help your poker games, you can mark your special cards with invisible ink.

Invisible ink works together with our poker printer can help you make good effect marked cards. There are two colors of invisible ink. One is red and the other one is blue. One color can cover the other color. And you don’t need to worry that the secret will be found by other poker players. It is hard to be found by other people. Moreover, when you use these marked cards to cheat at poker games, you have to wear a pair of IR ink contact lenses or IR ink sunglasses. With the help of these cheating products, you can win money easily and secretly.

Invisible ink will help you a lot if you want to make marked cards. You can send your cards to us for processing as well. Any brand of poker cards could become the special invisible ink marked cards.

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