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Marked Playing Cards With Glasses

Marked playing cards with glasses is easy way to help your poker games, which can be used in different poker games, for example: Texas Holdem, Omaha, Blackjack, Baccarat and so on, it can increase your winning odds.

The marked playing cards can work with UV sunglasses and IR sunglasses. The function of UV sunglasses is similar to that of IR sunglasses. Both are special for reading the marked playing cards. Their difference is that the ink used for sunglasses is different. So the IR sunglasses cannot read the marked playing cards that are marked for UV sunglasses reading. Used in poker games, they are able to read the marks on marked playing cards clearly. Those marks stand for the suits and points of cards.

If you can read them, you will know the poker faces in advance while other players can not. You can use marked playing cards with sunglasses at home games, private poker games or club poker parties. If you have a chance to know the next cards or other players' poker hand before the cards face up, you will gain more chances to play well in each poker section. Of course, your winning will be enhanced strongly in the end.

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