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Marked Playing Cards For Poker Camera

You can see many different kinds of barcode invisible marked cards in the market. The good quality barcode invisible marked cards can bring you a good effect. So how to distinguish good and bad marked playing cards for poker camera?

There are several aspects that you can distinguish good and bad barcode invisible marked cards. As the different margin of barcode invisible marked cards, poker players could win poker game easier than before. And this is mainly due to the new technology for making barcode invisible marked cards. The good barcode invisible marked cards are processed by imported regular poker cards and the bad kind is made of cheat quality regular poker cards. We have make marks on the edges of these poker cards, when you touch the good quality one, you can not feel any difference, but the bad quality one will let you feel different. We can provide you the good quality barcode invisible marked cards and they always keep the shape of original poker cards, but the bad quality barcode invisible marked cards will become smaller. What is more, the good quality marked playing cards for poker camera could be used as long as 1 month while the bad quality one could be used shorter time.

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