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Marked cards contact lenses for playing cards

Marked cards contact lenses are for reading marked playing cards at cards playing gamble cheat. They can be used for many poker games like Texas Holdem, Blackjack, Omaha and Flush.

There are two kinds of marked cards contact lenses for playing cards: IR marked cards contact lenses and UV marked cards contact lenses. The working principle of these contact lenses are same, and the difference is that the UV contact lenses read UV ink marked cards and the IR contact lenses read the IR ink marked cards. There are different pupil’s sizes of lenses to meet more people’s needs. The marked cards contact lenses will not change the original eyes’ color too much and they are harmless to eyes. When you play games with the contact lenses and marked playing cards, you will read the suit and point on cards, and then you are able to play the following poker sections with more winning chances.

The marked cards contact lenses for playing cards are secret and smooth for cards playing cheat.

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