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Marked Cards Contact Lenses

Marked cards contact lenses are very excellent luminous ink reader to read juice marked playing cards by means of a very secret and easy way, which need work together with invisible ink marked cards.

Marked cards contact lenses are not for vision correction, but special for reading the luminous ink marked cards. You will not find any difference from them and the common ones. The marks on the back of juice marked cards are unreadable from our naked eyes and only the marked cards contact lenses are able to read them.

If you play poker games with invisible contact lenses and juice marked cards, you can know the colors and numbers of next cards or conclude others’ poker hand accurately while other players can not. With this good advantage for your games, you will seize more chances to master the game as much as you can.

In addition, the marked cards contact lenses will not bring side effect for eyes at all. And wearing them, you can see clearly even if drive a card at night.

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