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Marked Bicycle Cards

Bicycle poker cards are very popular in poker club and casino in USA, we have plastic marked bicycle cards and paper marked bicycle cards, the bicycle marked cards are the poker cards that have been printed the invisible marks on the back or edges with UV invisible in, IR invisible in or luminous invisible ink.

The marked cards that are printed marks on four edges of cards called barcode marked cards. The barcode marked bicycle cards is very useful and helpful in poker cheating. It can work together with lighter poker camera, car key scanning camera, wallet poker card scanner, USB playing cards scanner, watch poker scanning lens and so on.

It is very simple and easy to operate the whole of poker scanning system. When the poker card scanner scans the barcode marked bicycle cards and then sends the signal to the poker analyzer, you can hear the game result at a short time. You also can choose our all in one poker analyzer, it is more convenient for you to cheat at poker games.

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