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Mahjong kits cheats in gamble

Our company sells two kinds Mahjong kits for cheating in gamble: one is invisible ink marked Mahjong tiles kit and the other is remote control Mahjong tiles kit.

We usually use IR, UV or luminous ink to mark ordinary Mahjong tiles on one, two or three sides, that is so-called invisible ink marked Mahjong tiles. There is no chromatic aberration between the original Mahjong tiles and the marked ones. In order to see through the invisible marked on the Mahjong tiles, users need to wear corresponding perspective contact lenses included in the kit.

We usually install a microchip into ordinary Mahjong tiles, and that is the remote control Mahjong tiles. Having been processed, they can work with the programmed Mahjong table. There is a remote controller for controlling the whole cheating process. Users can get the best winner hand no matter where they sit by operating the remote controller.

The two Mahjong kits can help users cheat at Mahjong games and win a lot of money in a easy and safe way. We not only can provide you with the cheating Mahjong kits of our own, but also can process your ordinary Mahjong tiles into invisible ink marked Mahjong tiles or remote control Mahjong tiles. If you are interested, welcome to contact us!

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